Loading robot

The CREVOISIER C922 robotic cell is designed to load pallets in your various machines, in order to increase their autonomy.

Featuring an intuitive interface, this compact solution enables 24/7 production of various types of parts in variable quantities.

Whether for a large run or multiple batches of different components, once coupled to your various machines, C922 will enable you to fully harness your investment's potential.

Equipped with a 4-axis Scara robot arm and a palletiser 600 mm high (e.g. 20 pallets 30 mm high), it has the following technologies built in:

  • Pallet feed into the work area
  • Vision pack for checking, location, measurement or traceabilit
  • Checking laser 
  • Precious material security system
  • Multi-gripper magazine
  • 4.0 connection


24/7 multi-reference management
Compact size
Option of linking up with another machine after delivery

Machine stoppage time less than 10 seconds between workpieces

Batch changeover time down to less than 5 minutes
Very quick new reference setup time, less than 15 minutes


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