The current statement of confidentiality for the Crevoisier S.A. (hereinafter referred to as “we”) describes how your data is treated whether using the website and/or related mobile applications. Third-party websites accessible via this platform are not subject to the points listed below. We decline all responsibility concerning data protection compliance of third-party websites.

We are responsible for the treatment of your personal details and for ensuring that all data is treated in accordance with applicable law. To this end, we comply with the applicable data protection regulations. These data protection regulations are considered to be an integral part of this platform’s terms of use.

We are committed to respecting the legal requirements of the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP), the Ordinance to the Federal Act on Data Protection (DPO), the Telecommunications Act (TCA) and other provisions of Swiss legislation concerning data protection, as well as complying with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) concerning users’ personal details.



The development of our website or the implementation of new technology may require changes to the current data protection provisions. Any significant changes to these provisions are communicated through e-mail to all registered users using the e-mail address indicated at the time of registration. You can consult our website for the data protection provisions in effect and print them out whenever you wish. The original statement of confidentiality is in French. The translated versions are intended to facilitate a better understanding. In case of discrepancies, the French version shall prevail.



When you browse our website, our web server automatically records data relating to your visit. This data is necessary for the proper functioning of the site. This includes the IP address and operating system of the device used, data pertaining to the internet browser, your internet services provider, the pages viewed, the referral/exit pages, and the date and duration of the visit.

The aim of collecting and processing this information is to ensure the proper functioning of our website, its security, as well as analysing how it is used in order to improve our offers, services and website. Only in the event of an attack on the network infrastructure or suspected illegal or abusive use of the website will the IP address be analysed for clarification and defence purposes and, if necessary, used in criminal proceedings for identification in civil and criminal proceedings against the user concerned.



At the bottom of every page of the website, you have the option to subscribe to our newsletter. To do so, you must provide an e-mail address. This address is only used for the purpose of sending the newsletter. At any point, you can unsubscribe from our newsletter by clicking on the link in the e-mail received, or by writing to If you do not subscribe to our newsletter, your e-mail address will not be added to the list of newsletter subscribers.

In order to contact us using a form, you must provide personal details such as your e-mail address, title, name and surname, your full address, telephone number and the subject of your message. We need this information in order to address your query and/or use the data for marketing purposes as described below.

By subscribing to the newsletter, you expressly declare your acceptance that your address and personal details may be used in marketing campaigns; for example, sending the newsletter and/or catalogues. We, or third parties, use e-mail marketing services to send our newsletter, and relative newsletter data may be transmitted for this purpose. Newsletter data are recorded both on the website’s host server and on the server of a third-party company contracted for this purpose.

Our newsletter, as well as our website, may contain what is known as a “web beacon” or other similar technical means.

A web beacon is an invisible image measuring 1x1 pixels. It relates to the user’s newsletter subscription ID or is linked to a marketing campaign. This technique may be used for every newsletter sent, information on the address file used, the subject and the number of newsletters sent. We are able to see which addresses have not yet received the newsletter, to which addresses it was sent and for which addresses delivery failed. The opening rate is also visible, including information about the addresses that opened the newsletter. Finally, information concerning the addresses that have unsubscribed can also be seen. We use this data for statistical purposes and to optimise the newsletter’s content and structure. This allows us to tailor the information and offers in our newsletter to the individual interests of its recipients. The web beacon gets deleted when you delete the newsletter.

To stop the web beacon collecting information in our newsletter, please configure your e-mail provider so that no HTML is displayed in further newsletters, if it is not already activated by default.

To stop the web beacon collecting information on our website, you can open a private browser. You can find more in-depth information on this subject in your browser’s settings.

However, using a private browser may mean that you are unable to use all of our platform’s functionalities.



On our website, you have access to certain social media features: in particular, sharing product information on Facebook, informational tweets about products, etc. You can find all related features on the different product websites in the section “Share”.

You have access to different functionalities relating to various social media. You will be linked to the chosen social network when you click on the respective social network logos in order to use the selected feature; for example, sharing content on Facebook or tweeting on Twitter. In order to do this, you must log in with the corresponding user account, or be logged in already.

A direct link between your internet browser and the server of the social network concerned is established if you choose one of the functionalities available and you click on the logo of the social network concerned. The social network receives the information that you visited our website with your IP address and that you opened the link. If you open a link to a social network whilst you are logged in to your account on the social network in question, the content of our site can be linked to your social network profile. This means that your social network can connect your visit to our website directly to your user account. If you wish to avoid this, you must log out before clicking on the corresponding links. A connection is always made if you log in to the social network in question after clicking on the link.


Links to our presence on social media

We have integrated links to our social media profiles into our website.

You will automatically be forwarded to our profile on the social network in question when you click on the corresponding social network logos. To use the features of the network in question, you may have to log in to your user account on the network concerned.

A direct link between your internet browser and the server of the social network profile consulted is established. The social network receives the information that you visited our website with your IP address and that you opened the link. If you open a link to a social network whilst you are logged in to your account on the social network in question, the content of our site can be linked to your social network profile. This means that your social network can connect your visit to our website directly to your user account. If you wish to avoid this, you must log out before clicking on the corresponding links. A connection is always made if you log in to the social network in question after clicking on the link.



We employ appropriate technical and organisational security measures in order to protect your personal details recorded by us against any unintentional, unlawful or unauthorised manipulation, deletion, modification, access, transmission or use and against total or partial loss. We do not accept any liability in the event of loss of data or unauthorised communication of this data to a third party and their use of it. If you register with us as a user, your user account can only be accessed using your personal password. We always recommend to treat payment and access information in a confidential manner and to close your browser window when communication with us has been interrupted; particularly if you are using a shared computer. Internally, we take data protection equally seriously. Our collaborators and those of our contracted service providers are bound to secrecy and comply with data protection legal provisions.



Cookies are used to give a website permission to ask your browser to save information about your computer in order to access this information on the next visit to the same website. This makes browsing a more pleasant experience by saving information such as your preferred settings relating to the website and how you like to use it. They do not represent any security risk when they are used correctly for the websites visited. uses cookies to record settings such as your preferred language, as well as information to improve security when you use the website.

Most browsers automatically accept cookies by default, but it is possible to configure your browser settings so that no cookies are saved on your computer, or that you are always informed when you receive a new cookie.



Personal details provided to us are never sold, loaned, or exchanged. We will never share your data for purposes other than those described in this document without your consent, or without a legal obligation to do so.

We only share your data if you have expressly consented to it, if we are obliged to by law, or when it is necessary to exercise our rights.

We share users’ personal details with third parties when it is necessary for the use of our website, as well as for answering queries, treating information requests or providing services requested by the user. The third party’s use of the shared data is strictly limited to the purposes mentioned above.



The use of our website is measured and analysed by various technical systems including the Google Analytics service of the third-party provider Google Inc. In principle, the data collected by this tool may be shared with a Google server in the USA, but IP addresses are made anonymous to prevent any possible association. Therefore, Google will not be able to associate whatever data is transmitted by your browser for the purpose of Google Analytics with data they already have about you. However, it is possible to object to the collection and treatment of such data by Google Analytics by installing your browser with an Opt-Out Cookie provided by Google.

As an alternative to the browser plug-in, users can click on the link to stop Google Analytics from collecting data from future visits to the website. An opt-out cookie is filed on the user’s terminal. If users delete cookies (see section “Cookies” above), the link will have to be opened again.

For the sake of completeness, we would like to mention that the US authorities can apply surveillance measures under US legislation authorising the general recording of all data transmitted from the European Union to the USA. This is done without distinction, restriction, or exception on the basis of the intended aim and without objective criteria that would make it possible to restrict the access of US authorities to personal details and their subsequent use for certain strictly limited, specified purposes that would justify access to such data.



Your rights regarding the protection of your personal details include the right to access your personal data stored with us, in a standard format, and the right to demand that they be rectified, completed, updated, or deleted. You can exercise these rights at any moment by writing to and providing a copy of a proof of identity. We are entitled to a two-month response time that can be suspended if the request is incomplete.



When a user creates an account on our website, the information provided is recorded in his or her user account to facilitate the user experience and future purchases or any agreed services, such as access to an extranet and/or intranet. This information is deleted when the user modifies or deletes it from his or her user account or by sending us a request as described above. Please note that certain data is required by law to be stored for a specific period of time. Such data must be stored by us until the deadline expires. We block this data in our system and it is only used to satisfy legal directives.



Our website is predominantly aimed at an adult audience. It is forbidden for children younger than 16 years old to transmit personal details to us or to subscribe to services. If it comes to our attention that such data has been transmitted to us, all relevant data will be removed from our database. The child’s parents or legal guardians can contact us to request the deletion of such data or to unsubscribe. To this effect, we require a copy of an official document confirming that you are a parent or the legal guardian of the child.



We only process your personal data within the framework of data processing principles and if there is a legal basis. This legal basis exists at the preparation and execution of our contract.

Furthermore, we are interested in constantly improving our offers and adapting them to your needs. This is necessary to continue the development of our offers and to guarantee security. We therefore assume that our interests prevail. If you have consented to your data being used, this is applicable.



If you have any questions regarding data protection on our website, or if you wish to obtain information or request the deletion of your personal data, please contact




You grant us the following consents. You may revoke your consent at any moment for any future interactions.

  • I accept to receive regular information by e-mail on products and services proposed by the website owner. I can, at any moment, revoke my consent.
  • I accept that cookies can be used to collect, record and use usage data for retargeting purposes. To this effect, the website uses different services to collect usage data with the help of cookies.
  • I accept that the information I provide and other usage data may be analysed to give me personalised advertising and/or specific offers and services. Analysis of data usage may lead to the establishment of user profiles. User profiles are created in the form of pseudonyms and are not grouped with personal details.

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