Programming-free robotic polishing.
Transferring human know-how to the robot.

POLIcapture® is a particularly intuitive and industry-oriented interface, with which programming knowledge is no longer essential. A program can be created in just a few seconds!

The polisher's movements are acquired by means of cameras. The coding on the acquisition reel is able to determine the spatial position and orientation of the workpiece.



POLIcapture® offers an intuitive user interface. By virtue of its simplicity and user-friendliness, familiarisation is a quick and efficient process. Once the movements have been acquired with the reel, the software presents a panel of saved sequences, which can be put into the desired order, and duplicated according to your needs. Each sequence has a video which can be viewed by pressing a single button to see the movement generated. Validating the saved sequences generates the program for the robot. When creating the program, a smart anticollision control instantly verifies any errors. In addition, the system has a built-in 3D simulation. 


The Crevoisier SA sales and technical team is at your disposal for
any further information and / or a demonstration.


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