Partenariat technologique

CREVOISIER SA, a manufacturer of automatic equipment for finishing simple and complex parts, and SYM (Symbios Orthopedie SA), a leader in medical technology for custom hip and knee orthopedic implants, have announced a technological partnership aimed at improving personalized medicine and offering even more effective care to patients requiring orthopedic implants.Symbios has experienced rapid growth in recent years, requiring the industrialization of surgical component finishing. That's why the company decided to rely on the skills of CREVOISIER, which is recognized for its ability to produce high-quality machines that integrate turnkey manufacturing processes.

As part of the upcoming MSM Congress, CREVOISIER will present how they successfully industrialized the teeth cutting process that covers the unique surgical rasps envelope, specifically designed for each patient based on the morphology of their skeleton.

The project initially involved creating an algorithm capable of generating a perfect dentition that covers the patient's bone 3D envelope from the inside, while meeting the specific requirements of the surgeons. Once the software was operational, CREVOISIER focused on automating the parts manufacturing process, which is essential for high-quality and large-scale production.

To achieve this, CREVOISIER developed a clamping system compatible with all parts and chose an operating range that allows probing cycles to be integrated into the C440 machines, while managing the traceability of parts and control operations in the loading robot and palletizing area. This automated process allows the machines to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without human intervention.

By combining Symbios' technological expertise in custom orthopedic implants and CREVOISIER's know-how in high-quality machine manufacturing, this technological partnership promises to advance personalized medicine and offer even more effective care to patients in need of orthopedic implants.

In summary, the partnership between CREVOISIER and SYM is excellent news for patients who need custom orthopedic implants. This partnership will combine the expertise of these two companies to improve the quality and precision of implants while automating the production process. This will allow surgeons to provide even more effective and personalized care to their patients, thus improving their long-term quality of life.

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